Bertoncello s.r.l. was born from the evolution of a small, family-run restaurant business founded by Nadia and Angelo Bertoncello. It was the 1980s, and the couple had a successful restaurant on the hills of Marostica, a small town in north-eastern Italy, about 90 km from Venice.

The place quickly became known and appreciated for the typical specialty of stuffed potato gnocchi.

This success prompted Nadia and Angelo to start producing gnocchi at night to sell them the following morning. It was precisely in this period that a semi-artisanal plant was designed and built for the production of classic and stuffed gnocchi, which allowed the spouses to further expand their business and satisfy the growing demand of consumers.


In a short time, the potential of this new business exceeded that of the restaurant. The Bertoncellos decided to concentrate all their energy in production, moving to a new laboratory. There, they began to expand the range of products offered, thanks to continuous research on the ingredients used, the optimization of production processes and the constant update of the facility’s production equipment.

In 1999, from a story of quality, curiosity and passion, Bertoncello s.r.l. was born.

Gradually, the company sees the entry of the couple’s three children, Fabian, Lisa and Riccardo, into corporate governance, occupying important commercial, administrative and production positions. Today, Bertoncello s.r.l. remains family-run, preserving the artisanal spirit that has always distinguished this dynamic, solid and flexible company.