Bertoncello s.r.l. is the result of a development on an industrial scale of a catering activity of husband and wife Angelo and Nadia Bertoncello, who in the eighties run a restaurant in the Pedemontana region on the hills of Marostica, a small settlement of North-East Italy, approximately 90 km from Venice. The well-known restaurant became very successful thanks to their speciality, typical filled potato gnocchi. This success gave the Bertoncello family the idea to start a small activity, making product during the night, and selling it the following morning. It was indeed during this period that a semi-manual system was designed for the production of standard and filled gnocchi, to further expand the business and meet the growing demand of consumers. In a short time, the potential of this business exceeded that of the restaurant, which was therefore closed. The Bertoncello family decided to concentrate all its energies into production, moving to a new workshop where they started expanding their range, thanks to continuous research on raw materials and processes, and the continuous update of their industrial equipment. Bertoncello s.r.l. was established in 1999, followed by the gradual arrival to the company of the three children of the family, Fabian, Lisa and Riccardo, as part of the management team and taking over important commercial, administrative and production roles.

Bertoncello s.r.l. currently has a staff of over 70 people and a turnover of 16 million Euro (consistently growing), 30 % from the production of mixed flours and 70% from the production of gnocchi. The company can guarantee fresh produce every day, of the best quality thanks to no pasteurization. In spite of processing large quantities (over 6000 tonnes per year), the company is still able to ensure a product with an artisan connotation that has always set it one step ahead of the competition.

Bertoncello s.r.l. is a very flexible company, with a proactive approach in the setting up and handling of daily orders, an extremely wide range of products and many packaging solutions that ensure that the product can be packed in ways that specifically meet the needs of the individual customers, as well as an advantageous quality/price ratio. Strict internal quality controls, the support of a qualified R&D lab and of a Product Analysis Centre, have enabled Bertoncello s.r.l. to obtain important certificates, including IFS Higher Level, Horganic and the Vegan Ok marking (in addition to B.R.C. for the medium term), as a guarantee of the organoleptic and health properties of its products.

Bertoncello s.r.l. works with the most important customers of the national and international Large Distribution/Organised Distribution, Discount, Wholesale and Ho.Re.Ca sectors, including: Conad, Coop, Auchan, Carrefour, Unes, Pam, Despar, Tigros, Bennet, Gigante, Unicomm, Alì, MaxiDì, Seven, Eurospin, Lidl, Prix and many more. The company also serves important pasta makers that use mixed flours.

The recent acquisition of new company spaces (increasing the production surface to approximately 5,000 m2) and the introduction of modern production and packaging technologies (meeting the highest hygiene-sanitary standards) coincide with a period of important growth and vitality of the company.